About Manu

Who I am?. This is a difficult question to answer if you do not identify yourself with the character that you have created throughout your life.

“The Being is that where the thought ” I” does not exist at all”.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

I have always been a person with a lot of vitality, full of energy, and with innumerable intellectual and spiritual concerns throughout my life. I have practiced a multitude of sports and have reinvented myself several times in life. I have traveled around the world in search of experiences, knowledge and wisdom. At eight years of age, I started practicing Yoga through a teacher to whom I keep a great gratitude. This discipline and spiritual path has been part of my life ever since. In the search for my true identity I have practiced Advaita meditation in India, Vipassana meditation in remote Buddhist temples of Asia, Zen meditation in Japan, and Tantric non-dual meditation from Cachemira. More than twenty years ago I decided to change my role from student to teacher, but always open to new knowledge because life is a constant learning. I studied anatomy and body biomechanics to understand how the body works. I have acquired the mastery in Reiki, to heal other people with the cosmic energy of Life. In my classes I try to apply my experience and knowledge in order to achieve a better connection between body, mind and spirit in my students.