What is Reiki?

The Universe and everything that exists within it is constituted by energy and vibration. We ourselves, human beings, are energy and vibration. Reiki is an energy that permeates the entire Universe.

Mikao Usui was the founder of Reiki Ho. Usui Sensei intuited that this high vibrational energy that resonated with the Universe was Reiki.

Reiki is the energy that gave life to the material universe, created the solar system, and led to life on our planet. Reiki when inside the human body becomes the vital energy, reactivates the natural healing capacity and the immune system, and gives vitality and peace of mind.

Reiki that is radiated from the Great Universe is called “the energy of love, harmony and healing.”

Reiki helps us reduce stress and regain our inner peace, and promotes healing on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

Reiki is a complementary therapy for those who suffer from ailments or pathologies, and helps the patient to heal from the deepest root because all disease is synonymous with a blockage, which usually exceeds the merely physical.

By not using foreign elements to the body or chemicals, Reiki does not have any side effects or create physical dependence. Many people receive Reiki sessions as a preventive method to take care of their health, so it is not necessary to be sick to appeal to Reiki.


Since each individual is a whole formed by a body, a mind, their spirit and their emotions, Reiki helps to achieve balance and reduce the stress of today’s life.

It promotes the body’s ability to heal itself, both physically and emotionally.

Reiki improves metabolic functions, activate the inmune system, improves your physiological performance, and some experts say that the benefits of Reiki have an impact at the cellular level.

It produces a great relaxation and returns stability, which results in an increase in the harmony of the person,  improving the cases of insomnia and inciting deep sleep.

Balances energy in pregnancy and postpartum

It is an auxiliary therapy in the treatment of menstrual cramps, migraines, constipation, bulimia, anorexia…


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