Masterclass Yoga 11 December

Masterclass Yoga in Marbella Dance School Dynamic warm up, asanas and streching exercises for all levels, and finishing with a relaxation with Yoga Nidra.Price of the Masterclass:20 euros

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Workshop of Torsions in Yoga

Torsions strengthen and flex your spine, correct and eliminate postural pain, and balance your nervous and energy system... Need more reasons to join?Multilevel workshop in which you will learn the…

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Surya namaskar 12 Namaskarasana

Namaskarasana From Utthanasana exhale as you lower your arms and adopt the posture of Tadasana. Put your toes together, rotate your thighs inwardly, and distribute your weight throughout your feet.…

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Surya namaskar 7 Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana Bhujanga means snake, this posture is performed lying on the ground face down and when raising the trunk, it resembles a snake about to attack. From Ashtanga namaskarasana slide…

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